In my past Glaze of the Month selections, I must admit, I have overlooked clear, and yet, it is the number one most sold glaze in our store.  What have I been thinking?  Finding a good clear is perhaps the first and most important step in successful glazing.  That’s one of the reasons that I’m so happy I opened up glaze of the month to submissions!  Iowa Potter, Amanda Barr, was one of the first to submit a glaze (and she earned herself a store credit toward her next purchase too!), and she suggested the clear glaze she uses:

Everything I fire uses HF-9 Clear. It’s zinc-free so it never affects any underglaze colors. It’s always consistent, even with a thin coat- dipping or brushing- at a rather broad range of temperatures and firing speeds (anywhere from cone 4-8 depending on what I’m doing) and it takes all sorts of abuse with no issues. I use lithium washes to make things run and drip, sometimes put it through multiple post-glaze firings for decals and luster, crash cool to get super glossy. With so much else going on, it’s really nice not to have to worry about my glaze.

-Amanda Barr

Check out some of Amanda’s work in the gallery below (or on her Bracker’s Gallery Page, where you can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more)  You won’t find a single pinhole or even the slightest bit of crazing with this clear.  Plus, it comes in pints, gallons, or even 25# dry ready to mix into a 5 gallon bucket of dipping clear!  Whatever size suits your needs,

get it this month for 20% off

…and say “Thanks, Amanda!


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