The wood firing process originated thousands of years ago. It has been used all over the world and currently holds a prominent place within contemporary ceramic art. The anagama kiln that this class will fire pieces using wood as its fuel source, as opposed to conventional kilns that use electricity or natural gas. The process creates unique surfaces, both in texture and color. The firing takes several days and requires constant stoking over the duration. The instructor will demonstrate wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques with a focus on forms that will be enhanced by this unique firing process. Video and PowerPoint presentations will be given.
  • 25lbs of stoneware will be provided.
  • This class will meet 5-7pm on Thursdays, March 1~April 5th.
  • There will be one firing in the anagama kiln. Kiln loading and firing will take place in early April.
  • This class is in partnership with the University of Kansas Ceramics Department.
  • Experience with clay, and attendance at kiln prep and clean up is required.
  • Instructor: Ceramics Artist-in-Residence Allen Chen.
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