Today is Bill Bracker’s Birthday. For over 25 years, we have donated a Brent Model C Wheel (the wheel Bill always used) in his memory.  Previous recipients have included Lawrence Schools (where his kids were educated), Kansas University (where he taught) University of Nebraska (where he earned his MFA) Underwood High School (where he grew up), The KC Clay Guild (he was a founding member), the Lawrence Arts Center (a valued local arts center) as well as schools we have recognized as having the “spirit of Bill”, such as last year’s recipient (belated due to Covid), Shawnee Heights High School.   This year, we identified another Lawrence Treasure in our community art scene, a small but growing studio right in the heart of Lawrence at 9th and Iowa Street,

Its owner, Tierney Cacciopo is a true grit kind of business owner, and in addition to devoting her energy to making opportunities available to community members, scouts, home school kids and so many more people, she also works a full time job outside of the studio.  We called her in the middle of a double shift to let her know about the gift and she squealed and remarked about how much they have been in need of an additional wheel.  We just know it is going to go to great use there!

Happy Birthday Bill.

But we aren’t done yet….Stay tuned for our second announcement……you won’t want to miss it!!!