Recently we were sent a sample of the Mr. Mark’s Wax On.  We enjoyed testing this wax resist and found it to be excellent for precision application on bisqued ware.  The light purple color, which completely burns out, makes it easy to see as you are applying it.  The wax brushes on smoothly and dries quickly – about 5 minutes!  The special hardening agent in this wax also ensures that any glaze that drips over onto the wax will wipe off easily with a wet sponge.

IMG_1705IMG_1704Mr. Mark’s Wax On also works exceptionally well for the “Wax and Wipe” technique on leather-hard or bone dry clay.  Apply the wax directly onto your un-bisqued piece, (I tested it on both a fresh slab and on a bone dry piece), allow it to dry, then use a sponge to remove the clay from the bare places.  The wax seals over the clay underneath it, leaving those areas raised.  After bisque-firing, you’re left with a nice embossed (or debossed) texture.

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Check out this video from Mr. Mark himself:

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