On her Second Saturday, Veronica will be demonstrating thrown and altered pieces.

Veronica’s Artist Statement:

315983_10201038867750774_303399728_nMy work reflects a fascination with utilitarian objects. The wonder of pottery is that it has the potential to become the user’s companion each day. It is taken into the home, and into the hand of the user—a very personal space. It is considered many times, and on many levels, both consciously and subconsciously.943497_10201038868230786_1335718704_nMy formal concerns incorporate the use of both organic curves and geometric shapes. One of Bernard Leach’s laws of pottery form is “Curves for beauty; angles for strength” (A Potter’s Book pg. 24). I strive for a marriage of these two. I want the eye to move around the forms, which is done through the arrangement of planes and edges. I pursue strong forms that utilize abstract universal symbolism, having plural meanings that relate to landscape and architecture. My goal has been to create forms that invite appreciation of spaces, both inside and outside.
603754_10201038868310788_1133401424_nI have discovered that there are physical processes, which make me feel personally connected to my work and also challenge my skills as a craftsperson. I find that my work and ideas are often led by the process in which I am working. Recently these processes have been mainly throwing on the wheel and then altering the forms with the addition of some hand building. My approach to surface and color are painterly and explore the power of juxtaposition of color and texture. Experimentation and improvisation continue to be important to me as I am repeatedly asking “What if?” as I work through each form. I sense a balance between the rational and spontaneous during the making process. My challenge is to consider the history of pottery and try to add something personal to it through my work.


I currently reside in Maryville Missouri where I teach at NWMSU as an adjunct instructor. I hold a BFA in Ceramics from Northwest Missouri State University and an MFA in Ceramics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Along with teaching, I’ve been raising a family and making artwork.

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