Not only is this glaze fun to say, it’s fun to use.  Being the curious (some might say obsessive) person that I am, I had to look up Uguisi Nightengale, and find out more about it.  I found that this glaze references the bird known as the Japanese Bush-warbler.  If wikipedia is to be believed, Americans began calling it a nightengale because of its similar  song/bird call (click the link to hear the call of the bird).  However, the bird does not sing at night, so calling it a Nightengale is really a misnomer.  Wikipedia also identifies:

The bird is drab-coloured and secretive. It is normally only seen in spring before there is foliage in the trees. In winter the call is a low chirping. The Japanese Bush Warbler tends to remain deep in the shadow of foliage during the day.

However, the glaze is anything BUT drab.  According to Laguna’s site, “This glaze can produce varying shades of iridescent blue, green and purple depending on thickness of application and firing conditions.”  That intrigued me enough to test it.  I tested pieces with one coat, two coats and three coats, smooth and textured, and with excelsior or sawdust as the reduction material.  My results included blues and purples but also burgundies, dark reds, and mother-of-pearl-like rainbows as well as metallics ranging from copper to silver and gold:

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price is $3.90 per pound

Bracker’s special Glaze of the month price is $3.00 per pound





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