• Blistering and bubbling in and on the surface?
  • Fading in color?
  • Cracking in irregular patterns?
  • Drawing up into clumps, leaving some bare areas on the ware?
  • Frosting and crystalizing?
  • Super glossy?
  • Running down my piece and pooling at the bottom?
  • Supposed to be opaque but instead is translucent, super glossy, losing color, or thinning?
  • Filled with tiny pinholes on the surface?
  • Rough, sandy, or grainy?
  • Scumming over on the surface?
  • Breaking away from the ware?
  • Marred by specks?
  • Opaque with a rough, gritty surface and immature colors?

Solutions to these common glaze problems can be found in our free PDF, “Glaze Defects and Adjustments.”

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