No, Bracker’s doesn’t stock or sell used equipment, but we can help with your search. We recommend the following Facebook groups as places to check for used kilns or equipment:

The Ceramicist’s Attic

Make sure you check the location of each posting so that you don’t fall in love with a kiln that’s out of your driving range.
If you would like some advice on the used equipment that you find, our Consultation Service is a great resource! We can offer advice on brand, make, and model to help you choose quality equipment and avoid products that don’t match your specific situation or for which parts are no longer made. We can also help you plan for what you will need to install or repair the equipment you find. If repairs are needed our experienced Repair Technician is here to help.
We are also happy to talk with you about purchasing new equipment which can often be a better value for the quality.
*Please note that while we can offer advice on equipment, we cannot guarantee the condition or quality of any equipment which we did not sell to you.
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