Do you sell a bright white Cone 5-6/ Mid-fire Porcelain?

Yes and No. A Cone 5-6 porcelain will never be as bright or semi-translucent as a Cone 10 Porcelain because less vitrification happens at lower temperatures. We do however sell a variety of Mid-fire porcelains that range in color from grey to different temperatures of...

What clay do you recommend for ______?

Cone 5-6 standard, light tone clay: Flint Hills Buff Cone 04-05 white clay body: Earthenware White Something new and exiting (Cone 5-6): Peppered Wheat A popular, beautiful Cone 5-6 clay: 5/6 Black

Can I safely over or under fire your clay?

Maybe! Brackers has recently been making over and under fired samples of many of our clays. Below is a list of Flint Hills clays we have tested and what range we were able to take them to so far. Terra Blanc – Works at Cone 04 to Cone 5 (Low and Mid-Fire) Raku – Works...

Is your slip sold in liquid or dry form?

Both! The slip which Bracker’s manufactures in-house is sold in liquid form, however, we also sell wet and dry slips from other manufacturers. Browse our selection of slips here.

Can you make a clay for me?

Yes. Please email us your recipe and we will figure a price for you.  The minimum quantity is usually around 1000#  When we calculate your price, we will also figure your recipe for a full batch in our mixer and give you an estimated output.