Do you sell Air Dry Clay

No, check out this informative flyer for more information and ideas for how to work with clay with your students that doesn’t involve air dry clay  

Do you sell a bright white Cone 5-6/ Mid-fire Porcelain?

Yes and No. A Cone 5-6 porcelain will never be as bright or semi-translucent as a Cone 10 Porcelain because less vitrification happens at lower temperatures. We do however sell a variety of Mid-fire porcelains that range in color from grey to different temperatures of...

What clay do you recommend for ______?

Cone 5-6 standard, light tone clay: Flint Hills Buff Cone 04-05 white clay body: Earthenware White Something new and exiting (Cone 5-6): Peppered Wheat A popular, beautiful Cone 5-6 clay: 5/6 Black

Can I safely over or under fire your clay?

Maybe! Brackers has recently been making over and under fired samples of many of our clays. Below is a list of Flint Hills clays we have tested and what range we were able to take them to so far. Terra Blanc – Works at Cone 04 to Cone 5 (Low and Mid-Fire) Raku – Works...

Is your slip sold in liquid or dry form?

Both! The slip which Bracker’s manufactures in-house is sold in liquid form, however, we also sell wet and dry slips from other manufacturers. Browse our selection of slips here.