Another fabulous selection from AMACO’s Potter’s Choice line, Tourmaline is a beautiful blue-green glaze.  Depending on how thick the glaze is applied and how hot it is fired, the color can range from a dark green to the more blue-ish hues.  The glaze does need to be applied thickly enough for the lighter materials to float to the top.  3 coats are recommended to create the bluish variegated surface.  The float materials in this glaze makes it ideal for layering as is seen in the gallery of images below.  This glaze is available liquid in pints and gallons, and also dry in a 25# amount (comes in its own 5 gallon bucket).  Click here to purchase this glaze.  During our special, you can save

$2.00 off a pint

$10.00 off a gallon

$30 off a 25# dry 5 gallon bucket