In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I chose the glaze Tortilla as my low fire glaze of the month.  And a mild craving for salsa aside, I was overjoyed at the results.  Not only is this a nice and a fun glaze on its own, it is marvelous when mixed with other glazes.  I experimented with overlapping Tortilla on other spectrum low stone glazes as well as in combination with an AMACO glaze or two, and I even tried Tortilla at Cone 5!  I used it on our Flint HIlls Earthenware White, Terra Blanc and Earthenware Red as well as our new Standard Mocha Clay body and found the results to be extremely consistent.  The surface of the glaze is a beautiful satin.  The base color is somewhat milky and translucent, and the specks of color ranging from crimson to dark brown are relatively subtle and varied, lending a randomization to the piece.  This is a stiff glaze, which makes it ideal for overlapping, even with more flowing glazes.  It was particularly stunning with Espresso, used both over and under the Tortilla for slightly different effects.

Spectrum Tortilla Regular Price: $15.00

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month Price: $11.00

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