The cup head system can be interchanged with the wheel head for use with plaster bats that simply drop into place.  These plaster bats can be made inexpensively with either the 12″ or 16″ mold.

Cup Head w/12" AND 16" Rings: $165, with 12" ring only: $120

Shaft Extension: $68.00

The shaft extension raises the wheel head above the base for throwing or trimming oversized pots. Simply lift the wheel head off, place the shaft extension on the shaft & replace the wheel head.  (Built-in splash pan models only)

Leg Extensions: $160

The popular adjustable leg extensions easily convert any of our wheels into a stand up wheel by utilizing the unique cast aluminum clamp that attaches to the 2” pipe leg. These legs make the wheel infinitely adjustable to a maximum 30″ in height.