All the snow and cold weather has made me long for the heat of the summer.  So this month on the Third Thursday, we’re gonna heat things up with a little fire of our own…a nicely contained and very safe indoor fire, of course.  My favorite form of fire?  RAKU FIRE, of course.  Dad used to love to fire Raku in the winter, using snow drifts to quench hot pots.  Dad also like miniature pots….(partly the inspiration for the Cone Box Show, if you didn’t know), so I thought it would be fun to combine those two things and voila!

We have Micro Raku!

You might be wondering….

What is “Micro Raku”?

It’s Raku in a Microwave, of course….

In a Microwave?  You must be kidding…..

Nope…not a bit.

Enter this awesome contraption:


Wanna see how it works?  Come join us on February 20th for our Third Thursday Open Studio Night.  If you have a spare 10 minutes or so, feel free to bring some BISQUE-FIRED miniature clay pieces (beads are good) and we’ll Raku them!

What?  10 minutes?  Surely you’re joking!

I never joke about Raku, and don’t call me Shirley.  🙂

This is gonna be a fun one, folks.  You won’t want to miss it!  Of course, the wheels, slabroller & extruder will be out and available as well.  Our studio clay for the night will be Raku clay.  Join Jeanette in making some work for our upcoming Second Saturday Raku Extravaganza in April.


Come spend your afternoon with us in our studio space here at Bracker’s!  On the third thursday of each month, from 4:00pm-7:00pm, Cindy & Jeanette get their hands in clay trying out new products, making ware for our Glaze of the Month tests, and just having a good time.  Stop by and try out new tools and toys, ask a question, or just enjoy the company and camaraderie.  Everyone is welcome to come and create.  We have a slabroller, and extruder and several wheels available, and plenty of tools.  (You’re also welcome to bring in your own favorite tools.)  Work made from studio clay will be bisque-fired and used for glaze of the month tests.  (Please be sure to let us know if you want to be credited as the maker.)

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