Bracker’s was “born” on June 28, 1982.  This was the date that Anne wrote the first receipt for an item we had in stock.  

To celebrate this milestone, we are offering a limited time special –

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Let’s take a look back at our birthyear, so we can see how far we’ve come…In 1982:

  • the Cards won the world series
  • the average income was $11,894.00
  • Time Magazine proclaimed “the computer” as the machine of the year
  • ET was phoning homeET-movie652e43f3-bf2e-4827-8036-d6463a4e3800
  • The Saturn car premiered
  • Gas was $1.19/gallon
  • Mickey was so fine it blew my mind
  • The 49ers won the Superbowl
  • We knew who shot JR, but continued to tune this #1 rated TV show
  • Like Totally, Fer Shur!
  • A postage stamp was 20¢appleiii-name
  • Ghandi won the Oscar for Best Picture
  • The Apple III sold for $3815 (with monitor)
  • Olivia Newton John was getting Physical while Michael Jackson Thrilled us all
  • Clay cost about 15¢/#

And now, in 2015:

  • The Royals are playing in the world seriesUnknown
  • The average income is $52,250.00
  • Time Magazine Person of the year is Pope Francis
  • 38b997ad150c11d4de714bb63bcebc0eStar Wars VII will premier in December
  • The autonomous Volkswagen Passat was test driven on the streets of Zurich
  • Gas average price is $2.64/gallon
  • We went “uptown (for) funk”
  • The Patriots won the Superbowl
  • We know who shot JR (again), but won’t be tuning in to see any more, unless the original or second iteration comes to Netflix
  • l33t $p3@k FTW!
  • A postage stamp costs 49¢
  • Birdman won the Oscar for Best Pictureimage1
  • A 27″ iMac sells for $1799 (with retina display)
  • Meghan Trainor searches for a “Title”, while Janet Jackson continues to be “Unbreakable”
  • Clay costs about 35¢/#

We hope you have enjoyed this walk down memory lane!  Now enjoy that amazing discount on Kemper Tools!  But don’t delay, it’s three days only!