Last weekend was the Autumnal equinox. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer…Halloween looms closer and around here, we’re ready to bring on the dark! Dark clays, that is! We put together a great project pack for you featuring our DARK clays, some LIGHT underglaze transfers, the new GR Wallie forms and this challenge –



Obviously, these cool forms can be used to make wall pocket sconces and other slim line objects, trays etc.  

Rachel took the tray concept one step further and made a cool divided  platter.  But when we laid down this challenge to Jeanette, she took it further and made a TEAPOT from the Wallies by joining, cutting apart and re-assembling them.


I loved being challenged to “think outside the box” and it inspired and ignited my creativity.  Having a new idea of something you want to create is like being a little kid again! Suddenly the possibilities are endless and everything is exciting!

                                                                                                            -Jeanette Oliver

Jeanette started with several iterations of the simple form and then started to revision the parts and pieces of those forms.  two whole units joined together to create the body, the feet and spout were formed from pieces of another even the lid and handle were made from cut outs and scraps!  Brilliant!

So now it’s YOUR turn to Think outside the box!   The Bracker’s Darkness and Light Box Project challenge kit includes 25# of dark clay, your choice of Wallie form and your choice of 3 light-colored underglaze transfers.  This box project includes shipping and is priced at under $80!  

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to make your selections and start your challenge!

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