Superposition (overlaying of glazing) is very common practice among potters and is done either by brushing one glaze over another on a portion of the ceramic piece or by partial dipping. When superposition is done on part of a ceramic piece, the rest of the piece is left exposed. This produces variations in color, texture and depth which simulates reduction glazes in an electric kiln, while retaining a clean atmosphere and without the trouble of reducing or reaching Cone 10 temperatures.

TH-1 is a rutile base texturizer. In superposition with other glazes it tends to produce a yellowish/orange crystal-type texture. It will yield excellent results with most AMACO HF Series glazes when applied over or under the glazes. As results vary from glaze to glaze, be sure to fire a test sample first.

Below are images of a variety of samples.  On the test plates, the “U” in the center means that the Texturizer was applied UNDER the identified glaze, the “O” means it was applied over.  In all plates, 2 coats of each were applied.  Results will vary with number of coats. (Note: full description will show if you hover your mouse over the image)  Click on each image to see it larger.  You will be able to advance from one image to the next and this window will stay open in the background.

AMACO TH-1 Texturizer Retail price $8.75, Special Price $7.00


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