Valentine’s Day is perhaps a holiday invented by Hallmark, but it serves as a good excuse for Chocolate, and there’s NEVER a bad time for Chocolate.  Spectrum’s Texture Chocolate is no different, it seems.  This deep, rich brown glaze breaks with hints of cherry, plum, mauve and dark indigo.  This is a very opaque glaze and while it may hide some “flaws”, it will also conceal mild textures.  Deep carvings, strong sgraffito and bold texture, however will accentuate the beauty of this glaze by enhancing the breaking pattern.  When layered with another equally vivid contrasting glaze, Texture Chocolate performs beautifully, merging with its counterpart to creating a completely different color from either of the two used in combination.  A more subtle glaze will successfully tint Texture Chocolate, and even bring out other subtleties.  A thin coat of a highly flowing glaze over the top will also yield exceptional results (as seen in the teapot from the images below)


Retail Price $16.50/Pint

Special Glaze of the Month price $13.20/Pint

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