Pour a saucer of milk.  Add a little honey, give it a stir….notice the lovely striations of the amber color of the honey peaking through the creamy whiteness of the milk?  Spectrum’s aptly named Texture Milk & Honey is a frothy white glaze with subtle hints of a creamy taupe and sometimes a peachy blush.  The surface is satiny and soft, enticing browsing customers to touch and fondle the piece.  Alone it makes an excellent liner glaze that will coordinate with a number of other glazes to enhance and complement the overall piece.  When layered with other glazes, it creates beautiful effects.  When paired with a dark color, Milk & Honey can bring out some unexpected color variations, as shown in the Kristen Kieffer mug in the gallery below.   Pick up a pint this month while it’s on sale, and experiment with it yourself.  Click here to go directly to our shopping website and add it to your cart!

Retail Price $17.50/Pint

Special Glaze of the Month price $14.00/Pint



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