Check here for the latest video to be released….

to start you off, here’s the BGEC 30th anniversary t-shirt!


Anne demonstrates for you next:


And now join Cindy for some slab tools:


Don’t miss Dave’s dynamite demo of the SlumpHump Mold:


Even some of our customers got in on our test-drive tuesday….here Darla shows off some of her favorites:

Jeanette joins in the fun:



Cindy just can’t contain herself. Here are some of her favorite texture tools:

Another customer/friend, Marsi, demonstrates her favorite, the Steve Tool:

To close out our Test Drive Tuesday, we once again have Anne, demonstrating the tool that changed her life….her Giffin Grip! (Note: this is the old style Giffin Grip that Bill bought for her when they were still making pots for a living. The Giffin Grip has since been upgraded and is even more awesome than how it is shown in the video)

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