AMACO’s ST-55 Lavender is a lovely shade of pinkish purple, with a rather unique stone-like surface. All of AMACO’s ST glazes produce a weathered and worn out look on high relief areas or an antique-like finish on textured surfaces.  The ST glaze series flows a little in the firing, settling in the crevices and towards the bottom of a vertical surface. Therefore, when applied over a textured surface they will produce antique-like variations or a weathered and worn out look on the higher relief areas of the piece. Because they move slightly, care should be taken to taper down the glaze application towards the bottom of the piece so that the piece will not stick to the kiln shelf during firing.  ST-55 also offers interesting results when paired with other glazes, especially the O-Series glazes.

Pick up a pint of this glaze for only $11.00, a savings of $2.95 off the retail price!


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