I love the name of this glaze….just using it makes me feel like i should be on a beach sipping a drink with a little umbrella, soaking up the sun while I glaze my ware.  The results are every bit as beautiful as the imagery in my mind.  AMACO’s Tahitian Blue is a soft, and flowing, with subtle frothiness where thicker, reminiscent of gentle waves breaking onto the sand.  Don’t be put off by the yellow color of its raw state.  The yellow most likely comes from Vanadium (or a Vanadium stain), which, when combined with zirconium can produce the same shade of soft blue as is in this glaze.  I attribute the frothiness to a bit of titanium or rutile perhaps.  Usually, I see the glaze used by itself, but I thought it would be fun to experiment with layering it with other glazes.  Try your own experiments with it!  This month, save over $3.00 per pint:

AMACO LT22 Tahitian Blue is available at the special price of $11.50

Click here to buy it now.  Check out images below:

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