Exciting news for the new year.  We are making our popular glaze of the month series INTERACTIVE!!!  That’s right, our Glaze of the Month will be chosen from YOUR submissions!  Any glaze Bracker’s sells is eligible.  If we use your work, it will appear on Bracker’s website and social media, AND, we will give you a $5 credit toward your next order!

Just fill out the form below and select images from your computer or phone and upload them directly to us!

Title – Include your own name and the brand, product number and name of the glaze you used (for example, AMACO PC20 Blue Rutile)

Description –  Please identify the clay body you used, ALL glazes included on the piece, glaze application notes (brushed, dipped, poured, sprayed, drizzled, etc) cone you bisque-fired to, cone you glaze fired and any other notes.

Your Media Files – Upload as many images as you like!

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