You may or may not have noticed that the Mid-Fire glaze of the month is Chocolate, and now you are seeing that the Low Fire is Strawberry….This may or may not be because Chocolate-Covered Strawberries are one of my all-time favourite decadences and would definitely make a lovely surprise on or around the fourteenth of this month….*grin*

In all seriousness, Spectrum’s 933 Strawberry is a glaze as visually delicious as its namesake is.  It is a rich, nearly opaque red glaze that shows just a hint of translucency when it breaks over an edge.  Adding depth to the glaze are big speckles of black that appear randomly throughout the fired surface.  When applied thickly on a vertical surface, those speckles will actually run slightly and create nice striation patterns in the glaze.  Strawberry overlaps very nicely  with other glazes, even ones of contrasting colors.



Retail Price $19.50/Pint

Special Glaze of the Month price $14.40/Pint

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