Anne W Bracker

IMG_5712Anne Bracker has been involved in clay for 2/3 of her life.  Since the moment Bill Bracker demonstrated throwing for her, she was mesmerized.  Immediately she had to get her hands in clay, and in clay they have stayed since 1970.  She completed several hours of post-graduate study in ceramics, and still maintains a LARGE index box full of glaze and slip recipes, which she is happy to share.  She still remembers her excitement when Bill brought home a brand new potter’s wheel in 1971.  From then until around 1982, She was a full-time salt potter, primarily a vessel-maker/dinnerware producer/functional potter.  In the midst of her clay exploration, she also had a child, moved to Lawrence, had another child and built a successful studio in the “Old Teepee Gas Station“.  Around that time, the pottery-making business began to morph into a supply business. For roughly 3 years, she managed to do both, but by 1985, it became clear that the central US needed a ceramics supplier, and Anne, together with her husband, had the business sense and ceramic knowledge to fill that need.  A new warehouse was purchased, just 1/4 mile north of their pottery studio, and stock of Kemper tools, AMACO glazes, Flint Hills Clays, North Star slabrollers and L&L kilns began to arrive, with many more products soon to follow…so many products followed, in fact, that by the mid-90’s, the 5400 square foot building was busting at the seams.  Semi-truck boxes created additional storage space while plans were drawn for a new building.  In 1999, Bracker’s moved into that new 15,000 square foot building.  Within that building, you will find Anne’s office, which is now overflowing with teapots from her considerable collection and also full of ceramics books, many of which are out of print.  6 days of the week, you will find Anne right there, in her office, keeping tabs on everything that happens at Bracker’s.  She continues to be the go-to person when someone calls with a highly technical question, or needs a critique on their work, or occasionally, when someone comes in and says “yeah, i used to buy from you back in the tepee”.

Anne can be reached via

• phone (toll free: 888.822.1982 or  785.841.4750)

• email (annew (at) brackers dot com)

• instant message (AOL screenname annewbracker)

• a note passed through her granddaughters


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