Anne M Bracker

DSCN3335Why yes, it is complicated having two people that are both named “Anne Bracker” working here.  Anne *M* Bracker is the oldest daughter of Anne & Bill Bracker.  She has been working in the business dating back to the days before the supply business, when she was responsible for setting up pottery displays & making change for sales at Downtown Lawrence’s Art in the Park.  As she grew, so did her responsibilities in the business.  After a brief hiatus in college to work at a bank and a copy store, Anne returned to the family business.  Her graphic design skills took the company from a basic “price list” to a full-catalog.  Additional graphic design responsibilities, such as designing ads for ceramics magazines were soon added, and eventually, the production of the catalog was replaced with needs for an e-commerce website.  Anne is responsible for making sure the great products you can browse right here in Bracker’s store are also available to browse in cyberspace on  She is also the force behind our extremely popular Second Saturday Artist Series.

Anne can be reached via

• phone (toll free: 888.822.1982 or  785.841.4750)

• email (annem (at) brackers dot com)

• instant message (AOL screenname jayhawkanne)

• imessage (

Getting in touch with Anne is a piece o’cake


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