We are so fortunate to have such a fabulous staff at Bracker’s.  Although there are only 4 of us related by blood or marriage, our other employees feel like part of the family too.  Our newest employee, Mark, already feels like a little brother.  His constant smile and pleasant yet slightly mischievous demeanor keep us all in good spirits.  Since 2007, Jeanette has been handling all of the UPS shipping, enters orders sent in via fax, answers many phone calls, and helps walk-in customers. David Sturm is our kiln & equipment repair technician.    During his 20 years of employment at Bracker’s, he has filled a number of roles, including about 10 years as warehouse manager.  Anne M. Bracker has grown up in the business, spending summers and Saturday slugging clay at the store.  After graduating from high school, she benefitted from spending a few years working in other jobs, then returning to the family business with a fresh perspective and new ideas.  Like her sister, Cindy Bracker has been involved in the business for most of her life.  At 12 years old she started putting slabrollers together, or compiling product brochures for teachers, washing out slip buckets, or sometimes, her favourite job – going out on deliveries with her dad. Like her sister, Cindy worked for a year outside of the family business, and then returned to Brackers and worked first part time until completing her degree at the University of Kansas, when she committed fully to clay.   Overseeing everything is Anne W. Bracker.  Anne and her husband Bill were salt potters for many years before moving into the world of ceramics supplies.  For over 2/3 of her life, Anne has had her hands in clay, and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.  Although she’s past retirement age, she still enjoys serving the pottery community.  Wild horses couldn’t keep her away from Bracker’s.  She’s an amazing example of what hard work and good business sense can do and she’s truly wonderful to work for.

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