Amy began working in clay over 15 years ago. From the beginning, her work was heavily influenced by nature (echoing her prior career as a landscape designer and floral designer). She started as a functional potter, participating in art shows and exhibits. In 2004, she decided to pursue her art more seriously and entered the ceramic program at the Kansas City Art Institute. During her time there she switched from functional pottery to sculpture, still using nature as her influence. She graduated in May of 2007 with a double major in ceramics and art history, summa cum laude. Recently, she received her MFA in ceramics from the University of Kansas.

Amy’s ceramic work has been shown nationally and can be seen in several books and magazines including Studio Potter magazine and the Lark 500 series books.

Amy is fascinated by Islamic Architecture, specifically their domes. She is translating the dome forms into double walled vessels. The interior wall is solid, while the exterior wall is pierced and cut. Some of her vessels are cup like, some serve as lids for jars. She uses a combination of throwing and plaster molds to create the forms. During Amy’s Second Saturday, she will demonstrate several methods of creating double and even triple walled forms.

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