Come to Bracker’s on Saturday, May 9th with your toughest ceramic questions, your most challenging glaze issue, your strangest firing problem, or even the questions you think are silly and basic. Mark Cousino will attempt to answer all of them. As Bracker’s newest employee, we thought YOU should help put “the new guy” through the paces for us. We’ve never hired an employee with this extensive background of both practical and technical ceramics. In addition to putting Mark’s brain in the hot seat, we’ll also have a couple of wheels and the other studio equipment set up. He’ll be able to help with the practical questions by working through them WITH you.

Mark Cousino has an extensive background in the technical side of ceramics. In addition to a BFA from the world-renowned ceramics program at Alfred University in Alfred, NY (where he was awarded the Alfred University Presidential Scholarship), he also holds an Associates of Applied Science in Industrial Ceramics from Hocking College. In 2009, he was contracted by Charles Adams (of Rotary International) to discover the viability of a ceramic water filter factory in Hispaniola, Haiti. In 2010, he worked as a consultant with an established local potter to construct rocket stoves in Kenya as part of the Paradigm Project. At the end of 2010, he spent a few months facilitating the initial manufacturing of ceramic water filters in Cyvadier, Haiti, for Filter Pure by sourcing local clay in Haiti, establishing quality control methods, and teaching local employees how to sustain all aspects of the pottery.

But Mark is not just a walking ceramic technology computer. He’s also a gifted and knowledgeable potter. He apprenticed under Danny Meisinger at Spinning Earth Pottery and interned at Red Star Studios, earning the Victor Babu Red Star Studio Scholarship for internship service. When asked how much clay he thinks he’s thrown since graduating from Alfred, he estimated a range in the TONS of clay, not just hundreds of pounds.