Jeanette and I joke back and forth frequently about how “everything’s better with Hot Chowder”.   But despite being our little inside joke, (which now all of you are in on as well), it’s completely true!  On it’s own, it’s a delightful iridescent creamy white with hints of rutile blue…quite lovely.

1173 Running Hot Chowder

But the real magic is using it over another glaze.  Which glaze?  Pretty much any of them!  I’ve yet to do a test that didn’t look fabulous with the hot chowder.  Also true is the name, RUNNING hot chowder…this glaze DOES run, so you’ll want to apply it to the top half of your piece only.  I also like to fire test pieces on a kiln shelf shard, just to be on the safe side.

I’ve never much minded using myself as an example, so I’ll share a story with you, and you can all learn from my mistake…When I first used this glaze about 8 years ago, I applied it over a fairly stiff, matte green glaze, about 2/3 of the way down the test windchime I was creating.  I really wanted the full effect of the glaze, so it was also kind of thick.  Now, in my defense, at THAT time, the glaze was called “Texture” Hot Chowder.  But, I did at least think enough ahead to put down a kiln shelf shard…(ok, really that was Mom’s suggestion).  So as you may have already surmised, the windchime glazed itself to the shard.  BUT, the result was BEAUTIFUL!!!  I completely fell in love the second I opened the kiln.  And being the glass-half-full person that I am, I just decided that the piece was so lovely it had to come with it’s own personal pedestal.  It’s on display here at Bracker’s.  Pictures don’t really show the incredible depth of the glaze, but since not everyone can make it to Lawrence, these will have to do for some of you until you try Running Hot Chowder yourself!

As an incentive to try Running Hot Chowder, we will have it on sale until next month’s glaze is announced.  It comes in a pint jar, retail price $14.00.

Our featured glaze special price is $10.50


Click to enlarge - lots of examples of Running Hot Chowder (1173) over a variety of other Spectrum Glazes

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