Spectrum’s 958 Rainforest is a semi-gloss glaze that breaks up and gives one color in areas where it is thick and another color in areas where it is thinner.  The subtle variegation within this deep green glaze shifts from blue-greens that are so deep that they almost look black to a highlight of light mossy green.  On red clay, the darker hues dominate the surface, and the thinner areas of the glaze instead give way to a greater translucency, thus allowing the red clay color to peek through.  The glaze flows nicely, hiding any brush marks or application errors and fires out to a lovely gloss on Flint Hills Earthenware White or Red.  On the Standard Mocha body, Rainforest fires out a bit more satin with a lovely sheen, the thicker areas look like jungle vines, or dark ivy climbing up an already lush green tree.  This combination definitely warrants more investigation and experimentation!  Speaking of combinations, like many of the Spectrum Low Stone glazes, Rainforest offers interesting results when layered over or under other glazes.

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