Cone 05. AMACO® Snowfluff is a most unique glaze in today’s market. It is a white foaming type texture glaze and is completely matte.

Snowfluff can be mixed with silica sand and various other products for unusual and colorful effects. It can be tinted into rich pastel shades with AMACO® Velvets OR with the Teacher’s Palette Line of glazes.  In fact, I found that the Teacher’s Palette glazes, at approximately 20% saturation, yielded excellent results!

It is excellent to use for the base glaze in majolica techniques. When mixing with colors, it is recommended to make a test chip first; also to mix enough to completely finish a project.

Snowfluff requires some stirring or mixing, but a heavy cream consistency is desired for the textured effects. If thinning is required, use a few drops of water and AMACO® Gum Solution. Snowfluff may be applied to greenware or bisque by brushing or sponging methods.

It provides an excellent surface for sgraffito design on greenware surfaces. It can be applied over, under or between unfired glazes for unusual texture combinations. Fire to Cone 05 (1911°F, 1044°C).  I also tested the glaze at Cone 5 and found that it held up just fine at that temperature, still maintaining the “fluff” appearance, though slightly softened from the firings at the recommended lower temperature.

AMACO Snowfluff

4oz Jar Retail Price $3.90 Special Glaze of the Month Price $3.25

Pint Retail Price $10.45 Special Glaze of the Month Price $8.50

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