I think by now it is no secret that the Raku Glaze of the Month tests are my favourites.  I think it’s also pretty well-known that I fall in love with each glaze I test.  This month is no exception.  AMACO’s Smokey Blue is absolutely delicious.  In lighter reduction, it is an intense dark cobalt blue color, and when thicker, these blues give way dark reddish-purple hues.  Slightly heavier reduction yields a lighter blue with hints of silver metallic.  Very strong and direct reduction brings out brassy metallic surfaces.

AMACO R13 Smokey Blue Pint Retail Price $11.35

Special Glaze of the Month Price $9.08

In the photo gallery below, click on any image to open it larger.  You can then navigate between images in a full-screen environment. To purchase AMACO Smokey Blue, visit our shopping site.  Click here to go directly to the item!

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