Hey, guess what!  It’s Black Friday!  We hope you had a terrific turkey yesterday and snagged some doorbuster deals today.  Perhaps treat yourself to an afternoon tea (or coffee, or maybe even something stronger), and take a look at what Bracker’s has in store for you tomorrow on Small Business Saturday!  All of the equipment you see listed here are in stock, and special prices are good while supplies last, and only through Monday, December 1!



This “Smart Kiln”  from Cone Art is smart enough to do not only the glasswork it was originally designed for, but with the ability to fire to 1800ºF, it is also great for metal clays, low fire ceramics, and enamels.  The Smart Kiln is an excellent home-studio or apartment kiln as it only requires a standard household wall outlet.

Retail price: $620, Small Business Saturday Special: $474.77


Skutt KM1022 $1999.77


Part of the New 22” Series, the KM1022 was introduced to combine the benefits of the easy to load KM1018 and the desirable height of the KM1027. At 22” deep, it has a chamber that is 4.5” taller than its predecessor, the KM1018. This makes it possible to fire an 18” tall vase with all the proper clearances. It comes equipped with the precise control of the KilnMaster Controller making it easy and convenient to operate. Like all other Skutt 10 sided kilns, the spring-loaded Lid Lifter is included at no extra charge

Retail price: $2490, Small Business Saturday Special: $1999.77

Skutt GM1014 $1199.77

Skutt GM1014 $1199.77


The top and side firing elements on the GM814 and GM1014 make these units fire very evenly and allow for glass projects to heat at a uniform rate. With a 13.5″ chamber height these kilns are much taller then other top firing kilns allowing for tall slumping and drop mold projects. They are equipped standard with the GlassMaster Controller which gives you the precision and versatility needed for complicated firing projects.

Retail price: $1790, Small Business Saturday Special: $1199.77



Shimpo Aspire and 4 extra bats, $479.77

Shimpo’s Aspire tabletop potter’s wheel can handle your most creative challenges. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easily portable; and yet its 20-lb centering capacity makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom. The Aspire is available with a hand lever control or foot pedal and includes a splash pan and two bats. Your “Aspirations” are its only limit.

Retail price: $549, Small Business Saturday Special, includes 4 additional bats!: $479.77


Shimpo VL-Whisper $1049.77

The Shimpo VL Whisper combines the superior technology of the RK-Whisper potter’s wheel and the popular features of the Velocity V75 potter’s wheel. Responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and seriously, the quietest wheel in the potter’s wheel market.

Retail price: $1315, Small Business Saturday Special: $1049.77

Brent Model C $1194.77

Brent Model C $1194.77

The Brent Model C wheel continuously handles 225# of clay.  Since 1969, Brent pottery wheels have set the standard for quality, earning a reputation for dependability that is unsurpassed. Each wheel is built with materials, components and workmanship designed to take the punishment of classroom and studio use over the long haul. 

Retail price: $1495, Small Business Saturday Special: $1194.77


Skutt Prodigy Wheel $739.77

The Prodigy features the same heavy duty components found on all Skutt Potter’s wheels, but built on a welded steel frame instead of cast aluminum.  The removable splash pan can be removed easily by twisting and lifting the wheel head and removing the one-piece splash pan. This design is clean and easy to use.

Retail price: $925, Small Business Saturday Special: $739.77



Skutt Elite Wheel $1079.77

This Skutt model Elite features a 1/2 hp motor, allowing for throwing capacities exceeding 150#. The original built-in splash pan design has a large work area that is ideal for holding a water bucket, tools, and lots of trimmings. The removable, recessed wheel head makes it easy to clean.

Retail price: $1350, Small Business Saturday Special: $1079.77


North Star 24″ slabroller package $724.77

North Star slab rollers have two rolls, much like the wringer of an old-fashioned washing machine. Both rolls have a small diamond pattern (“knurling”) machined directly into the metal to grip the canvas. The bottom roll is turned by the handle. As it turns, it drives the top roll through a train of gears. The upper roll both turns and can be adjusted up and down. The two rolls turning together pull slabs through easily, and the vertical adjustment of the top roll gives an easy-to-set and infinitely adjustable thickness from paper-thin to over 2 inches.

Retail price: $929.95, Small Business Saturday Special: $724.77


Bracker Raku Kiln Kit from $424.77

The Bracker Raku Kiln is a lightweight and portable design for firing ceramic pieces in your own backyard. The kiln we make today was designed by Bill Bracker in the early 1970’s utilizing the technology of ceramic fiber. The kiln is made by lining a cage of wire fence material and a metal garbage can lid with one-half inch thick fiber blanket. The fiber is then rigidized with a mixture of sodium silicate and water. The use of the fiber allows the ceramicist to have the insulating qualities of 2-1/2 inches of soft insulating firebrick, yet it is light enough that anyone is able to pick it up. A complete raku set-up would include the kiln, a burner, a propane tank, a pad of soft fire bricks (or an electric kiln lid or base), a posted shelf for inside the kiln, and tongs.

Retail price: $500, Small Business Saturday Special: $424.77

PLUS we have some other specials on various tools, toys and other great gifts for the clay-lover in your life, so stop by on Saturday, or shop online to take advantage of all our great specials!

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