We have a wide variety of slip and glaze applicators, from inexpensive syringes to professional quality bulb syringes with multiple tips.  (Of course, we have to admit that one of our favorite applicators are the miss clairol hair dye bottles that you can get at beauty supply places.)

I’d also like to add that if you’re browsing this category, you’re likely a good candidate for Robin Hopper’s book Making Marks (even though as I type this, I don’t have the books up yet…but I will…soon!)

Item CodeDescriptionAdditional InfoRetail PriceBracker’s Price
AMBOTTLEUnderglaze Bottle$4.29$3.78
MATBOTTLE44 oz Squeeze Bottlew/ 24-400 Dispensing Cap0.920.8
MATBOTTLE88 oz Squeeze Bottlew/ 24-400 Dispensing Cap1.10.92
MATDROPPERMini Slip Dropper$1.84$1.45
MATSQUEEZE3Pen Bottle Tip Kit3 Bottles & 3 Tips$4.39$3.51
MATSYRINGE6060 cc Syringe1.261.05
TKBULBSETSlip Trailing Bulb SetW/tip Holder & 4 Tips$59.95$54.95