We know you’ve been waiting very patiently. Our shopping site is now open for business at shop.brackers.com We think it’s pretty awesome that our e-commerce launch coincides with Bill Bracker’s Birthday.  We will be continuing to work on the site for the rest of the month, adding information, products, images, and making minor tweaks. So please, as you’re browsing our new site and shopping, if you see something missing, or have trouble finding something, or have any suggestions, let us know!  Our goal is for our shopping site to be both user-friendly and comprehensive.

“What will happen to all the information here?”, you may wonder.  Most of it will stay right where it is.  All of the glaze of the month posts and the like will continue to be posted here.  As you scroll across the top menu bar, you will notice added links in the drop-down menus that start with “shop”.  These menu items link directly to that category on our shopping site.  As we finish moving all of the product information, the menus will link ONLY to the shopping categories.  Eventually, the transition will be completed, at which point, www.brackers.com, THIS SITE, will contain all the latest information, news, announcements, and interactive community relations, while shop.brackers.com will be the place to go buy what you need.  It’s kind of like visiting Bracker’s in person and chatting with Cindy in her office, then going out front into the showroom to shop.

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