I’ve shot several “Friday Fun” videos so far, and it really is something I enjoy doing.  This month, however takes the cake, as I managed to rope the entire staff in on my FUN.  I was able to get every one to “band together” because I picked a product that we can all stand behind…or in front of, or under, or on top of, as you will see….

This month’s Friday Fun revolves around Shimpo Banding Wheels (pun totally intended) and we ALL had a blast putting it together for you.  We were inspired by Shimpo Ceramics current “selfie promotion“, but we had to take it a teeny bit further, and in some cases that required the use of a photographer…and in one case it required a closed set….but I digress.  Enjoy our Brackers Video Selfie below and ALSO enjoy a special

15% discount on all Shimpo Banding wheels

Good through August 30th or while supplies last!

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