Our diagnostic, consultation and repair service is probably our number one most in-demand service.  Why? quite honestly because we have Dave.

His technical expertise coupled with his ability to speak “potter” make him one of the most respected and sought-over techs in our industry.  He keeps his skills sharp by attending training at various manufacturers.  In the last year alone, he has visited AMACO/Brent, L&L Kilns and Skutt Ceramic Products for additional training.  If it’s broken, and you need it to make your pottery, David can probably help you, even over the phone.  Dave is often called upon to do full school-district diagnostics, visiting each school documenting current equipment and repair needs, and provides a complete and prioritized report to the district.  He consults on new construction plans as well.    Click the button below to connect with Dave and submit a service request

David Sturm

David Sturm

Repair Tech extraordinaire

David Sturm has been working for Bracker’s since 1994 and is a skilled technician for kilns, wheels and other ceramics equipment.

Another service that Bracker’s provides which has been growing in popularity is our Raku Workshop.

We provide the complete Raku setup, you bring your students and their pots.  Instruction in safety, the how-tos of firing and even a history and who’s who of Raku are included.  We do this at our place several times a year, often for multiple schools who combine funds and students to maximize their experience.  We also offer a “Raku to you” version in which we bring our whole set up to a school, college or arts center.  This takes a bit more advance planning to verify we have an appropriate site, materials, etc, but we usually are able to make it work. For more information on Raku Workshops

All of us at Bracker’s take pride in our dedication to teaching.  Prior to founding Bracker’s Good Earth Clay, Bill Bracker was a University Ceramics Professor and Anne W. Bracker had also completed a degree in education.  With their background in education, the two of them set the standard for all the staff that has followed.  We don’t want to just sell someone “a thing,” we want to make sure you understand how to use it, and we’re more interested in building a relationship with our customers.  (In fact, when Cindy Bracker married David Sturm, about half of the people in attendance were Bracker’s “customers” who had become close friends)

Our devotion to teaching also translates to “teaching teachers.”  For that, we offer a wide variety of in-services and professional development sessions, and even workshops directly with you and your students.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, please contact us and let us create a custom event for you!

See some samples of our services in the slider below:

Kilns 202

How do kilns work, and why do you care?  In this 3 hour in-service, Bracker’s will answer those questions and give teachers a complete overview of what happens during a firing.  Additionally, we provide in-depth information on the safe and proper operation of ceramic...

Ceramics 101

In this 90 minute session, teachers will be given a complete overview of ceramics with attention to firing ranges, clay bodies, kiln loading and firing, glazes, glazing techniques, glaze defects & adjustments, and a bit of glaze chemistry, with opportunities for...

Bracker’s Raku Workshops

The Raku Process is a great experience that will quickly ignite an interest in ceramics for nearly anyone. Raku began approximately 400 years ago in Japan as a result of high demand for roof tile following natural disaster....

AMACO Texture lesson plan in-service

One in-service, three new lesson plans!  In this three hour in-service, Bracker's staff will instruct teachers in three texture-related lesson plans utilizing AMACO texture molds, clay and standard studio tools. Throughout history, artists from around the world have...

AMACO Inservice – Printing & embossing with Balsa Foam

In this four-hour workshop style inservice, Bracker's staff will lead teachers through the creation of ceramic projects utilizing three different techniques with AMACO's balsa foam. Printing is a very popular art form that is perfect for creating repeating patterns,...
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