As the lone handbuilder here at Bracker’s, I had to do a little foot stomping & fist shaking over the big wheel special (with prices good through Monday), because not EVERYONE in the world of clay is a THROWER.  Because while Mom and Anne and Jeanette and even Dave are sitting at their various pottery wheels making pots, the wheel *I* love to use is the wagon wheel handle on my slabroller.  SO I decided to proclaim today as “Slabberday”  We have specials on slabrollers and slab accessories from now through Thursday:

nssr24stdpkgslab rollers

24″ Slabroller Package = $724.77 in our store or $765.77 shipped to your door*!

30″ Super Slabroller Package = $1440.77 shipped to your door*!

18″ Porta Roller = $480.77 shipped to your door*!

24″ Polaris Portable Slabroller = $660.77 shipped to your door*!

 *shipping included for addresses within Continental United States only


Slab mats

handbuilding = $7.77

14×50 = $11.77

22X40 = $17.77

30×50 = $27.77

Multi-Slab Cutter $23.77! see video below: