Here’s a secret – I LOVE Satin finish…OK, it’s not really much of a secret.  I just really think it’s the perfect marriage of a gloss and a matte.  I buy satin wall paint, I use satin coated paper for brochures, and don’t get me started on satin sheets!  (Seriously, is there anything more luxurious?) So of course, I gravitate towards the Satin glazes.  This month’s featured glaze reflects that love, BUT, Spectrum’s 1126 Satin Black did some delightful things I which didn’t expect.  Initially, I had played with combining this glaze with Spectrum’s 1106 Crimson, intending it to come out bearing a bit of a resemblance to my high school alma mater, Lawrence High Red & Black.  I tested it both over and under.  It came out nothing like I expected.  Crimson OVER the Satin Black turned a reactive amethyst-purple, while the Crimson UNDER the satin black yielded jewel-looking droplets of variegated burgundy to deep purple.  This led me to want to try that combination on a vertical surface.  “Hey Jeanette, I need some bottle forms!”…I tried a couple of other combinations as well, nice but not quite as interesting as with the crimson.  I was also recalling that when I was playing with Coyote Blue-Purple, it reacted nicely with the satin black as well.  So those of you who are blue-purple nuts, give that a whirl!  (Hi Darla!)

Retail price of Spectrum Satin Black $11.00

Special Glaze of the Month price $8.75

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