Once our shopping cart website is finished and returns, this will be MUCH easier, because we’ll be able to turn on sale prices with the click of a button.  In the mean time, please continue to bear with us as every list of prices on *this* site is typed in by Cindy.  (well, spreadsheet pasted in by Cindy, really)  With the ecommerce site so close, (Anne tells me it should be very soon!) it just seems silly to go through every page to change the prices, and I’m highly likely to miss one or make some crazy mistake.  So as you browse, consider that the prices you see are higher than what you’re going to pay.  If you call and place an order by phone, we can give you the prices line by line, or if you email us an order, we can send you back to total via email.

If you’re interested in knowing the exact pricing and discount, you *can* figure it yourself.  The MSRP should be listed in all the prices online.  Rather than use the “Bracker’s price which is also listed, you can calculate the following discounts on the MSRPs:

Kilns & Vents – 20% off

Wheels & Bats – 20% off

Slabrollers & Extruders – 20% off

Liquid Glazes – 20% off

Kemper Tools – 30% off

Dolan Tools – 10% off

Mud Tools – 15% off

Xiem Texture Rollers – 20% off

Dirty Girls Tools – 20% off

MKM Tools – 20% off

Gleco Trap – 20% off

Jiffy Mixers – 20% off

Scales – 10% off

Books – 20% off


Did i miss anything?  If so, please leave a comment!  And again, thanks for your patience!