Last Thursday afternoon, Mark Cole demonstrated in The Process Room during the NCECA Conference.

This demonstration will explore glaze application using wax resist with to develop pattern, imagery and eutectic. Wax resist provides an excellent aide to separate and place adjacent glazes to encourage interaction during the firing process while retaining their singular characteristics. When used together, even a few well-chosen glazes can provide endless decorating options.

 Rumor has it that he used the Mobilcer A Wax Resist that he gets from us and spoke very highly of Bracker’s. As a thank you to Mark and everyone who watched his demo so intently, we’re offering the Mobilcer A at a special price of $5 for a PINT and $21 for a GALLON, through the end of March only.

Mobilcer A Wax Resist

Rumor has it Mark Cole uses Mobilcer A wax resist for his gorgeous pots