In 2020 Covid definitely threw the world a curveball, but it also reminded us how important it is for communities to pull together to support each other, that being apart doesn’t equate to being alone, and that kindness is the one thing the world can always use more of.  Here at Bracker’s we believe in the idea that a single act of kindness can drastically change someone’s day and that we can all do our part to bring a little more hope and joy to everyone around us.  That’s why we are proud to be bringing back the Mass Street Muggings project from 2017 for Random Acts of Kindness Week, and we challenge all of you to get involved and spread a little kindness with us this month!

Some of our 2017 Muggings Recipients

Random Acts of Kindness Day is technically celebrated on February 17th, but the Random Acts of Kindness Week spans this year from February 14 – 22.  This annual tradition is meant to encourage people to take a little time out of their day and perform acts of kindness for strangers just because it’s a nice thing to do – it can change someone’s whole outlook on the day and may even make you feel better about how yours is going!  If you haven’t heard about this before, click here to check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website!  A few years ago Bracker’s held the Mass Street Muggings in order to promote this tradition and get involved with spreading kindness throughout our community – and we’re bringing it back!

We have a TON of mugs donated from various artists and have partnered with La Prima Tazza for Random Acts of Kindness Week.  Our friendly Bracker’s staff, lovingly known as the Bracker-villains, will be on Mass street handing out mugs – if you get one consider yourself officially “mugged”.  Inside the mug will be a little bit about the piece you received, its’ artist, the importance of hand-made work, and an invitation for a free mug of coffee at La Prima Tazza – it’s just our way of giving back, paying it forward, and spreading kindness throughout our community!  We’ll be posting pics on our social media with the hashtags #cupofkindness and #rakweek2021- be on the lookout to see who we got!

If you aren’t one of our “kindness victims”, don’t live in Lawrence, or just want to get involved with Random Acts of Kindness Week there are plenty of options for you!  We encourage artists to use our muggings idea, build your own Mugging Movement, and spread kindness in your own communities!  Just click below and be sure to use our hashtags so we can see how kindness is spreading around the world that week.  There’s also a ton of other ways to spread kindness – click below to check out some ideas provided by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and see how your little acts can make a big impact and be sure to tag us!  We are taking mug donations right now so if you would like to contribute to Mass St. Muggings just click the button below!  We hope to see everyone getting involved and look forward to spreading a little kindness in a time where the world desperately needs it!

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