We are FIRING RAKU KILNS again on Wednesday.

If you haven’t seen our event on Facebook, you can find all the details here

It’s basically the same as last time, except that we are allowing people to come in on Tuesday or Wednesday to buy and glaze bisque and LEAVE IT for us to fire. (Pick up on Saturday or next week).

Usually Dave and Cindy are against this, mostly because they really like sharing the experience of raku with pretty much everyone….

…but we are making an exception.          Be thankful.

(see what we did there)

If you can, we hope you will join us on Wednesday from 12-5 for the fiery festival of fun. But if not, keep an eye on our instagram, facebook and Youtube channel. We just might be live streaming.Unchanged:

Also, remember that Raku supplies are on sale in the store this week in honor of the event!

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