You’ve asked….and finally, Bracker Raku (Also known as B’Raku) is BACK.  We are planning a special afternoon/evening edition of this popular event on Wednesday October 30 from (roughly) 4:00pm-9:00pm.  We’re trying to keep a bit of a count so that we can plan appropriately.  (We are looking into getting a FOOD TRUCK out here!), so please click here to RSVP!  There is no fee to come and watch and enjoy the festivities, but we will be charging a small fee for firing.   Due to the anticipated popularity of the event, we may place limitations on number of pieces we will fire per person.  The Raku process does involve fire.  Please wear sturdy shoes (no sandals or other open-toed shoes) and if you have long hair, bring a rubber band or something to keep your hair secured.

Firing Costs (includes use of a wide variety of glazes):  

  • $10 for a piece up to 5″ in diameter
  • $15 for pieces 5-7″ in diameter
  • $20 for pieces up to 10″ in diamter

If you are bringing your own work, please bisque fire it no hotter than 08 for best Raku results.  (Upon arrival, be prepared to identify the clay body you used so that Dave and Cindy know how to treat your work in the firing). Bracker Bisque will be available for sale starting at $5.00

Glazes available:

  • Bracker’s Crackle Raku Glaze
  • Crusty Lusty
  • Laguna R13 Copper
  • Spectrum Galaxy
  • AMACO Smokey Lilac
  • Spectrum Lime
  • Laguna Shinju
  • Obvara Solution (first firing only, see special Obvara notes below)

Complete Schedule of Events

  • 9:00am Brackers opens as usual
  • 1:30pm Brackers will fire test pieces of all glazes available for use
  • 2:30pm Bracker bisque will be available for sale first come first serve
  • 3:00pm Glazing table opens, Staff Raku Demo firing begins
  • 4:00pm Kiln 1 First firing will touch off (Obvara process for first firing only, followed by regular raku)
  • 4:30pm Kiln 2 first firing (regular raku)
  • 5:00pm Brackers store closes for sale of products
  • 7:00pm Bracker bisque table closes for sales
  • 7:30pm Glazing table closes
  • 8:00pm Last Load to begin
  • 9:00pm(as close to this time as we can get!) Last load out

PLEASE NOTE:  On Thursday, October 31, We will not open until noon in order to give staff time to finish getting everything cleaned up and put away

About Obvara Firing:

Baltic Raku or Obvara Firing is a glazeless surface treatment.  It works best on textured surfaces.  Check out the video below of Marcia Selsor demonstrating the process, which consists of dipping, dunking, whirling and swirling your work into a fermented solution (basically beer, but not exactly……..) and then into water when the desired effect is achieved.  It’s pretty cool.  We will be limiting this option to the first firing of the evening, so if you want to try it out, be sure to arrive early!





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