Sometimes when I glaze and fire Raku pieces, I don’t always want flashy, shiny, metallic surfaces.  The simplicity of a good crackle glaze allows the beauty of the form to speak for itself.  Because Red is the most awesome color ever, AMACO’s Red Crackle is definitely a go-to glaze for me (I feel the need to explain the intensity of my passion for the color red.  My high school colors were red and black, my college colors were Crimson & Blue, and most importantly, Dad always said that Red is the color of insanity….need I say more?)  Red Crackle also works well with other glazes, adding a richness and depth of color to flashing glazes.  This glaze was definitely a crowd-pleaser at our September Raku event!  Check out the image gallery below to see how attendees used Red Crackle, then experiment on your own!

Pick up a pint of AMACO R-20 Red Crackle this month for only $9.50!

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