Join us Wednesday, November 8th and take part in the inaugural year of the #GlobalDayofClay movement!  This joint effort between the 92nd street Y in New York City and NCECA aims to bring attention to, awareness of, and appreciation for the ceramic arts on an international scale.  Ceramic studios, arts centers, institutions, colleges, galleries and suppliers across the globe will transform into clay hot spots as we all combine to form a nexus of people promoting clay.  From Pomona, CA to Port Chester, NY;  from Jingdezhen to the Netherlands, and from London Ontario to right here in little Lawrence, KS, the world will be learning about clay

Clay MixerIn celebration of our clay community, we are excited to join in this grassroots effort and simultaneously celebrate our new endeavour of mixing clay.  We hope you will join us on #GlobalDayofClay, Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 and witness our new operation.  Our clay mixer is wide-eyed and grinning at the thought of an audience!

While you’re visiting, join in the clay crusade; take a pug and make a mug!  We will finish the mugs (or you’re welcome to return and finish yours your way) and keep them for #kindnessweek in February.  You may remember that we committed a variety of #randomactsofkindness for this year’s celebration.  We are excited to be making plans to increase our participation in this give-back/pay-it-forward event.  The mugs you make on #GlobalDayofClay will be given away to unsuspecting passersby on Massachusetts street in Downtown Lawrence, along with a note about the value of handmade objects.  (We call these “mass-street muggings”.)

We are hoping to inspire potters in other communities to join us in this effort as well, so if you can’t join us in person to take a pug and make a mug, we’d like to invite you to join us in spirit and make one mug in your own studio and plan to give it away in February!  If you’re on instagram or facebook, we’d love it if you would share an image of your mug and tag it with #globaldayofclay and #pugtomug.

*Mugs in top image are the work of Danny Meisinger, Spinning Earth Pottery, image also courtesy Danny Meisinger

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