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Tim Frederich has been a friend to the Bracker family for decades and both he and David Sturm were thrilled to work together to put on this workshop, and the 16 attendees from Kansas, Missouri & Iowa were thrilled to have access to these two masters and their combined information.  The two of them were so in sync, that it only took them about 5 minutes to coordinate the presentation, which was absolutely seamless.

Original Tim Frederich & David Sturm Workshop Description:

At long last, Bracker’s will be hosting a Kilns and Firing workshop featuring David Sturm, kiln tech here at Brackers and Tim Frederich formerly of Orton ceramics. This is a fairly unique workshop, available as a full 2 day workshop on June 3rd & 4th (limited spaces available) or you can attend just the first day (unlimited number of participants)

The first day will consist of Orton’s Successful firing practices seminar with Tim Frederich. Lunch will then be provided and following the lunch break, David Sturm will talk about maintaining and troubleshooting your electric kiln.

On the second day, Participants will be split into small groups and assigned a broken kiln to fix (with Dave’s help) After the repairs are completed, there will be a wrap-up Q&A session and we will close by auctioning off the “fixed like new” kilns.

Tim Frederich Bio

Tim Frederich is well known as one of the world’s true master craftsmen. Over four decades of experience in hand thrown stoneware and sculpture mark his work as the height of technical perfection and a leader in the field of ceramics. His style portrays an elegant simplicity that many have tried to mimic, and combines the best of functionality and art. He works out of his studio in Dublin, OH.

We are thrilled to be able to this Tim Frederich bowl in our exhibition, available until the show closes on March 26th.

Tim Frederich Bowl

Bowl, $50.00

You can learn more about Tim Frederich on his website


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June 3, 2006

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