This is my in-progress plan for my highschool ceramics classes (teacher unknown)

Ceramics 1- AP

Ceramics/Sculpture Classes

Week 1-2

Learning OutcomeTo prepare you to jump into sculpting a figure, face, or animal when you return (whichever one you haven’t done yet).  You may envision this piece as a separate assignment or as one that combines with a throwing assignment (ie. your signature assessment, figure #1 and #2 below)
Things to do
  1. Watch these videos on techniques to handbuild/sculpt the figure, head/face, or an animal
  2. And this video on how to hollow out your model if made with clay
  3. Make a sketch of what you plan to make and if possible, the methods you might use to make it.
  4. Find (on the internet) or create (take pictures of a posed family member or your pet, draw) relevant source material that you can look at for reference (different angles of the subject, pictures of the figure, face, or animal)
  5.  If you have something moldable at home (aluminum foil, a glue-soaked piece of fabric, diy paper clay, playdoh) and feel like you could get started on a maquette please do so!  Please take a picture from a few angles of your result or bring the piece with you back to school.
  1. March 26th: Turn in a photo of your sketch + methods to me via email
  2. March 27th: Send your pictures/resource materials
  3. If you have taken a stab at making something, please take photos and send it to me or bring the maquette back with you
Additional ResourcesMore artists to take a look at

More videos

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March 20, 2020

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