Technical assignment

make a journal/field guide about the material properties of clay, and include a series of observational tests and experiments. For example, test how thin the clay can get before it is compromised; test how much organic material (such as cereal, rice, coffee, etc.) can be added and how that affects its working properties when building a pinch pot; test how fast clay can dry before it creates a crack (I’m thinking of Andy Goldsworthy’s “Rivers & Tides”); how much water can be added a drop at a time to wet clay versus dry clay, and what happens at both stages; how many times can the clay be folded before it starts to crumble; etc. etc. Push the limits, and break every rule you have been taught so far about the material. Drawings must accompany the journal entries. It gives a better understanding of the material qualities of clay, which would also be useful later on when actually trying to make something. – Jill Allen


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March 20, 2020

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