Pete Pinnell

Pete Pinnell

Pete Pinnell has been an incredible resource to the entire ceramics community.  He has a unique ability to explain even the most technical explanation in the most easy to understand way.  His creative analogies and great storytelling keep audiences entertained while they are learning.  We were thrilled he agreed to come present a workshop for us and for the benefit of the 20 attendees from Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa & Arkansas.

Original Pete Pinnell Workshop Description

Join us for a two-day, hands-on Glaze Chemistry workshop with Pete Pinnell.  The workshop will begin with a lecture on Basics of Glaze Chemistry.  Particpants will then break into groups and begin mixing test glazes.  Test tiles will be loaded into the kiln toward the end of the day, followed by a wrap up lecture and some Q&A.  The second day will begin with slides, followed by a lecture on anamolous glazes.  After lunch, we will unload the kiln, assess and analyze the results, culminating in a critique and workshop wrap up.

Pete Pinnell Bio

Pete Pinnell made his living as a potter for 12 years before moving to the University of Nebraska––Lincoln, where he is currently Professor of Art. In addition to his teaching, he has continued to exhibit widely, with more than 120 exhibitions since 1995.

His work has appeared throughout the U.S., and in the Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, China, New Zealand and Australia. Images of his work have appeared in a number of noted ceramic books, Clay Times magazine, Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, and Purple Sand, a Taiwanese ceramics journal. An in-depth article about his work appeared in Ceramics: Art and Perception, a noted Australian Magazine, in 2001. In March of 2001 he was a featured artist at the NCECA (National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts) national conference, where he spoke and demonstrated.

In addition to his teaching and exhibition career, Pete Pinnell has been an active writer on ceramic art, with articles in American and Australian ceramic journals, and a regular column, “As far as I know…,” which appears in Clay Times magazine.

Pete Pinnell Artist Statement

My areas of artistic interest are many and varied. Historical pottery, landscape, tile textiles, glass, metalwork, and architecture have all served as sources of inspiration and visual vocabulary

You can learn more about Pete Pinnell on his faculty page or connect with him on facebook


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May 5, 2007

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